Pre-Retirement Behaviors and Retirement Satisfaction of Korean American Elderly
Insoo Chung, Ph.D., MSW

This study measured Korean American elders „behaviors related to retirement before they retired and examined the relationships of these preretirement behaviors with their life satisfaction in retirement. Standard survey questionnaires were administered at senior welfare centers, churches, a senior university, and a senior apartment in Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan areas by way of group-administration method and personal interviews. Three hundred twenty-four (324)survey questionnaires were originally collected, however, thirty-eight (38) questionnaires which were not properly completed were excluded, leaving a final sample of 286.Four areas of retirement-related behavior (life planning, volunteer/community activities, financial planning, and intimate relationships) were measured. Study findings indicated that one area of behavior, intimate relationships, was significantly, positively correlated to the Korean American elders‟ retirement satisfaction. Implications for social work curriculum development, social work practice, and social welfare policy are presented.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v7n2a15