Analyzing and Confronting Managerial Impediments to the Pursuit of Social Justice by Human Service Agencies
J Forbes Farmer, PhD

Mismanagement and unethical behavior are addressed in this article through the presentation of three fact-based cases written by the author to be used in undergraduate or graduate college classes in sociology, social work or human services that cover such topics as management, probation, homeless shelters and generalist social work agencies. The actions of human service staffers and management are supposed to be professionally constrained by the NASW Code of Ethics. How should a social worker respond when he/she sees a conflict that involves ethical dilemmas with colleagues, community members and clients? There are rarely easy consequence-free decisions. Each case in this paper offers sociologically framed questions that should guide students to explore their own values as they develop a “sociological eye” and train for case work and community advocacy, the duel identity of contemporary social work.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v7n2a13