Emerging trends in the Jordanian Host Community: Service Delivery Gaps, Ethnographic Shifts and Social Tension: a Field Study in the Governorates of Jerash and Ajloun
Dr. Basem Al Atom

This field research study examines the underlying causes of social tension between Syrian refugees and the Jordanian host community in Northern Jordan. It does so, moreover, within the framework of the current shift being undertaken by international and local non-governmental organizations from an emergency response to Syrian refugees to a development response. Specifically, such a shift brings with it an increased focus on livelihoods as a means of sustainable economic empowerment. With a focus on livelihoods, however, comes an increase in the potential for tension between employers and employees. Furthermore, this tension complements an already-existing tension that exists between landlords and tenants. Understanding the sources of these types of conflict will help mitigate against future tensions and better facilitate social cohesion amongst Syrian refugees and the Jordanian host community.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v7n2a12