Research Trends in Social Work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hind Almaizar, Khalil A. Abdelhamed

The research points out that most of the studies in social work in KSA are individual researches and that the number of Saudi female researchers in social work is increasing to approach the number of male researchers. The research was mostly descriptive, using the two types of social survey, the sample and the comprehensive. The most frequently used tool in collecting data was the questionnaire. The research also indicates that there is an extreme shortage in experimental and the evaluative research. The most important issues on which the research focused were the issues of professional practice of social work, as such, the social workers were the highest category that were studied through these researches. In addition, most studies were conducted in Riyadh, indicating a need to broaden the scope of the spatial field where the research in social work is conducted to include the various areas and cities of the Kingdom.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v6n2a4