Students’ Attitudes towards Voluntary Services: A Study of Dhofar University
Dr. Reem Abuiyada

The aim of this study was to explore university students‟ attitude towards voluntary services in Sultanate of Oman and also to identify the obstacles that prevent them from participating in voluntary services. A questionnaire with close-ended questions was distributed to 500 students from Dhofar University. The findings revealed low rates of students volunteering. It also revealed that sport and cultural organizations were the main beneficiaries of students‟ voluntary activities as well as local agencies. The study found that altruistic motivations are most commonly cited as reasons to volunteer are religious believes. Promote national affiliation, wanting to fill spare time, and gaining work experience are also important motivating factors. Students were clear that they wanted their volunteering to make a difference and some preferred to select activities that allowed them to see more impacts. Student volunteers report many positive impacts on their own personal development, skills and employability. The major barrier to volunteering reported by students is lack of time owing to study pressures. The study also included a number of recommendations and suggestions with the aim of further strengthening university students‟ participation in voluntary services.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v6n1a9