The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Achieving Social Protection for the Disabled
Dr. Saad Eid Kasem Ziedan

The area of disability has received great attention in recent years. This concern may be due to the growing conviction in different societies that, like other ordinary members of society, people with disabilities have the right to life and to grow to the maximum of their abilities and capacities. Other individuals, in addition to distinguishing between disabled persons and others in access to services and jobs as a result of the doubt of their abilities and in need of protection and care, to defend the rights of persons with disabilities and to work to achieve their demands to improve the reality of the services provided to them, Of the disabled as a human is capable of production and a feeling of a disabled family coherently intimate between him and members of his family and his community have positive effects and reciprocal relations, role of society, governments and institutions to work to revitalize their social life and support. To acquire multiple behavioral patterns, and renewed knowledge, to increase their community affiliation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v6n1a7