Human Resource Managers' Role Perception and Their Conflict Management Style
Roni Mash, Ph.D; Osnat Adler, M.A

This study describes the relationship between three role perceptions and three conflict management styles among human resources managers in a high-tech and low-tech organizations. Three different role perception approaches were identified: the "mechanic" approaches, the "organic" approach, the "strategic" approach, which focuses on the HR manager as a strategic partner. In addition, three distinct conflict management styles were identified: the competitive style: "win–lose", the compromising style and the integrative style: "win- win" situation. The research method was qualitative. Data was collected by semi-constructed interviews of 19 HR managers in low tech and high tech industries. Findings show that Most HR managers which were characterized with "Mechanic" approach, tend to resolve conflict in a competitive style; Most HR managers which were characterized with an "organic" approach, tend to resolve conflicts in a compromising style; and most HR managers which were characterized with a "strategic" approach tend to resolve conflict in an integrative style. Additionally, the type of organization affects the relationship between role perception and conflict management style. This paper contributes both to the methods of qualitative research area and the newest theoretical aspects of human resource role in organizations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v6n1a6