Crisis and Resilience of Youth and Children's Associations Conducting Health Activities
DOUDOU Dimi Théodore, KRA Gérard Landry Konan

Numerous upheavals due to the armed crises of 2002 and 2011 have been carried out in the department of Duékoué (West of Côte d'Ivoire). The crisis context not only exacerbated the evils but also weakened both governmental and non-governmental institutions as far as the solutions are concerned. Youth and children's associations are tools for the prevention of youth plagues. But are these associations capable of effective activities in a post-crisis context? This article examines the challenges, social responses and resilience strategies of three youth organizations, in 2014 in the post-crisis context, in the prevention of HIV- AIDS and pregnancy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v5n2a9