Evaluating Effectiveness of Expressive Group Art Therapy on Decreasing Anxiety among Adolescents with PTSD
Yulia Kryvenko PhD

Little research exists on using expressive art therapy methods as an anxiety-reducing intervention with children whose parents have died or were injured in war conflicts. In this study, pretest/posttest design was employed with 12 adolescents from Ukraine who visited Turkey to participate in a two-week art therapy program. The program included coloring mandalas, dance therapy, collage making and emotions drawing. The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) was used as a pre- and posttest measure. Results revealed a significant decrease in a state anxiety (p=0.037) after the treatment, especially among the boys. However, due to a small sample size (boys N=4, girls N=8) no significant gender interaction was found. Both boys and girls displayed lower scores for state anxiety in the posttest procedure. These results provide evidence that expressive arts work may effectively reduce S-anxiety for adolescents who have survived a traumatic event such as war-related death or injury of a parent.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v5n2a20