Relationship between Professional Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Professional Roles’ Practice Level of Medical Social Workers
Huda Mahmoud Hassan Hegazy, Hind AqylAlmaizar

Work occupies an important place inindividuals’ lives. Their belonging to, and their satisfaction with their work, contribute to a higher level of life quality for them and their families. Social work is practiced through institutions that aspire to provide efficient assistance services to those who need it (clients). Any Organization must provide supportive and attractive work environment, and a good level of professional commitment and job satisfaction among its employees; in order to succeed, to achieve its vision and organizational goals, to become efficient and effective, and to achieve a high level ofprofessional Roles’ practice. In spite of the development of social work’s profession in Arab countries, it is still facing many challenges: societal recognition and importance of its status. Moreover, any profession derives its status and community recognition from the importance of its role in serving community. Social work in Saudi Arabia Kingdom is relatively new and faces some difficulties: lack of local programs in practices, conflicts among social workers, graduates’ conversion to other jobs, and professional fatigue, Fattouh (2002). The interest in social work requires the attention of its custodians (social workers) in various areas of professional practice. This interest must be represented in their choices, their professional preparation, and in their direction towards practicing their profession to acquire professional commitment, or through the development of their skills and experiences, and by providing an appropriate work environment for their practice.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v5n2a15