The Challenges Non-Profit Community Action Agency Leaders Face in Collaborating with Non-Profit Human Services Organizations
Tyrone Chase, Ph.D.

While there has been research on the topic of collaboration among nonprofit organizations, little or no studies have been conducted on the challenges Community Action Agency (CAA) leaders encounter when joining forces with other non-profit organizations. This qualitative phenomenological study examines, describes and unearths such challenges. The sample was drawn from one multi-service agency spanning seven counties on the east coast of the United States. An interview consisting of semi-structured interview questions was used to guide the researcher during the interview process. Eight leaders from the organization participated in this study. As the results of individual interviews and data analysis, the findings were clear. Three major themes emerged that lead to rich descriptions of the challenges organizational leaders faced when collaborating with nonprofit organizations that provide similar services. The implications were clear that leaders did not fully collaborate due to the lack of trust or where they willing to share trade secrets, resources or territory. Future studies on antipoverty agencies were recommended.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v5n1a17