Social Services for Adolescences Accessing Local Mass Media
Ferry R. P. P. Sitorus

This research is based on the findings of previous researches which suggested a variety of influences on adolescents in accessing mass media. Social services can easily are told for them by the local mass media. They also can get more information about reproduction health topic. In the research is used the Uses and Gratification model to answer questions (1) what adolescents’ motivation to access the selected program, and (2) how the benefits received by adolescentss with access to the selected program. Total informants are 48 people. It is concluded that the adolescents who access the selected program on the local mass media in fulfilling the needs are more oriented to the benefits that focus on the benefits in the period of mid-term and long-term. Based on the findings regarding the benefits stated there are three types of typologies that benefit (1) of the future, (2) informative, and (3) practical. There are also three types of typologies in the findings urge the type of motives (1) informative, (2) the story and wisdom words, and (3) tips.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v5n1a14