Perceptions of Social Support and Future Expectations among Young Adult Syrian Immigrants

This study discuss the perceived social support, future expectations and the problems experienced before, during, and after forced immigration by young and adult Syrian immigrants who arrived in Turkey to seek temporary protection status due to the civil conflicts. The study was designed as qualitative inquiry and was implemented by applying the semi structured questionnaire with ten people through the face to face interviews. In terms of result of the study, it was determined that leaved their education before immigration, losed of family members, forced to leave their country, psychological problems during the immigration and had some problems like financial difficulties, adaptation problem, unemployment, feeling alienated, language problems after the immigration. It was observed that syrian young immigrants don’t see Turkish public and the services given Syrian under the temporary protection as a social support mechanism however the open door policy applied by Turkey is a sufficient for them. Young Syrian immigrants see their Syrian acquaintances and relatives as a social support system and they mostly state that they have positive thoughts about future due to religious and cultural values.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v4n2a9