Protecting Children in Saudi Arabia: Preparing Trainee Social Workers
Jehan Saleh Lardhi, MSW.

Child protection has gained more attention in Saudi Arabia since new laws were introduced in 2013 that made child abuse a criminal offence. Consequently there has been pressure placed on social services to prepare specialist social workers to deal with the challenge of protecting children. Social work trainees at three universities in Riyadh were surveyed to find out their perceptions on how well they were prepared for working in child protection. Their experiences in practice placements seem to have benefitted them in their understanding and application of theory, but many have not had the advantage of suitable placements. Whilst their confidence in dealing with child abuse appears to be high, there is no indication that they will have the same confidence in dealing with situations when they are not supported and need to make difficult decisions on their own. Relevant training that will motivate them and engage their interest needs to be negotiated with trainees, and may help to raise the quality of prospective social work trainees in the field of child protection..

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v4n1a12