"Self-Care? Narratives of Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the Issue of the Identity-Management"
Siettou Eleni, Paraskevopoulou Stavroula, Tzanakis Manolis, Perdicari Erietta

This article is based on the collection and analysis of narratives of people diagnosed with schizophrenia in Greece. The research question that arises concerns how the stigma of mental illness determines the way that those diagnosed with schizophrenia are understood by them. Management of "ailing biography" could be utilized by psychiatric health services as well as by care services. Especially when these supportive structures develop and intervene in the liquid individualized societies of late modernity and in the liquid institutional environment of community-oriented psychiatric care in order to hear these "voices from below", of the people themselves who are at risk of stigmatization, the utilization of their differentiation, will enhance a patient-centered orientation of mental health services and corresponding social care.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jssw.v10n2a2